BPG|360’s Customer Service for 2018

BPG|360 customer service

As we close out 2018, we wanted to share some of the statistics we track in our online work order system – Workspeed. Tenants who utilize the Workspeed system receive real time updates on any request for service needed. Whether it be a janitorial need, lights changed or temperatures adjusted, this system is our preferred method of making sure we are on top of all of the office buildings daily needs.

Fun statistic going into the holidays - our property teams have responded to over 14,000 requests for service during the past year. On average, the response rate for initiated request from the tenant entering the information at their desk to final completion by our staff was 12 hours and 32 minutes over our 6 Million square foot office portfolio. This is just one tool that we use continually to evaluate the performance of our property teams and make sure we continually push ourselves to deliver high levels of service to all of the customers we service.

workspeed bpg 360

Workspeed is a free service to all of our tenants. If your company is not registered to use the online work order system, please contact your property manager today.

BPG|360 Is Pleased to Introduce I.M. Coffee

I.M. Coffee

I.M. Coffee, a new coffee venue located within the architectural icon, I.M. Pei Building at 1105 North Market Street is now open to the public for business! They are excited to have the opportunity to bring people together over craft coffee and freshly prepared foods. One of their specialties - The Cappuccino: A carefully extracted double shot of espresso with tightly foamed milk steamed just at the right temperature with the ratio of 1-part coffee to 3 parts milk. A must try!

Holiday Events Hosted by BPG|360


The BPG|360 property teams hosted several holiday events for our tenants throughout the month of December. Each property team coordinated individual efforts to provide continental breakfast, afternoon cookies and treats or holiday gift baskets to the many clients we have the privilege to serve throughout the year. On behalf of the BPG|360 team, we wish everyone a wonderful Holiday season!

BPG|360 Team Completes Major Roof Top Replacement Project

RTU Installation Oct 2018 view l.jpg

The BPG|360 Pennsylvania team along with one of our mechanical contractor partners Mechanical Solutions completed the replacement of 16 roof top air handlers during the weekend of October 20th.  The project was planned to be completed over the weekend to accommodate the building tenants needs and avoid major disruption to their line of business.  Work began Friday afternoon to disconnect all of the units scheduled for replacement.  Saturday morning, all of the old units were removed and the new ones set in place.  Sunday, electric and gas service was hooked up and all units were operational for the start of business Monday morning.

RTU Installation Oct 2018 view 2.jpg

BPG|360 Completes Chiller Replacement Project at Union Meeting Road

Image Source: https://surplusgroup.com/all/used/water-cooled-chillers/200-ton-water-cooled-chiller-4/

Image Source: https://surplusgroup.com/all/used/water-cooled-chillers/200-ton-water-cooled-chiller-4/

The BPG|360 Pennsylvania team and one of our mechanical contractor partners, Johnson Controls recently completed the replacement of two chillers at our Union Meeting Road building.  During this past spring, the original chiller experienced a catastrophic failure that required us to position a portable chiller at the property to maintain cooling for the building while the project was engineered. 

The two new 200 Ton York chillers replaced a set of Carrier units that had operated at the property for 20 years.  The work was scheduled over several months and also included the replacement of the Chilled and Condenser Water Pumps along with the installation of Variable Frequency Drives for improved energy efficiency.  A significant amount of coordination was required and the team led by Maintenance Chief Paul Pashley worked tirelessly to make sure the work appeared to be seamless as possible to the tenants.

BPG|360 Undertakes New Third Party Management

Image Source: http://www.cbhassociates.com/projects/details/the-pilot-school/

Image Source: http://www.cbhassociates.com/projects/details/the-pilot-school/

In September, BPG|360 entered in to a new management agreement with the Pilot School for facility maintenance assistance.  The services we are offering to the school include engineering and mechanical along with assistance with contract evaluation and bid leveling.  Initially, the school reached out to us for assistance evaluating their mechanical service provider since they were experiencing multiple problems with their HVAC system. 

Once our team engaged and provided an overall analysis of the problems they were facing, we were quickly able to provide a plan of action and path forward.  Over the past two months, we engaged in extensive work to clean the water source loop, including all of the unitary filter strainers, cooling tower, pumps and heat exchanger.  We have not only corrected many of the problems they were experiencing, but also oversaw changes to the automation system to improve energy usage at the property. 

The initial team consisted of SVP of Commercial Operations Ralph Rossi, Director of Operations Paul Watts, Director of Engineering Ed Levering, Chief Engineer Brian Twitchell from Bellevue and Commercial Maintenance Technician Neal McHugh from Delaware Corporate Center.  Neal McHugh will be assigned to the school on a full-time basis moving forward.