BPG | 360 excels because we think of ourselves as the owner.  Not satisfied with simply managing a property, we dive head first into every aspect of the building, as an owner would, crafting a customized plan to ensure every aspect of the property, from the largest mechanical systems to the smallest tenant, are all taken care of now and into the future.


Property Operations Plan

Effective property management begins with developing a customized Property Operations Plan for every property we oversee.  These manuals are the outline of our step by step plan of how we operate each building and include the following:

•         Preventative maintenance detail and schedules for all major building systems

•         User manuals for major building equipment and systems (plumbing, HVAC, electric, roof, fire alarm, etc.)

•         Building plans

•         Copies of building contracts

•         Maintenance reports

•         Emergency procedures


As each building in our portfolio is different, so are safety plans. With our Director of Security, local police and fire department representatives and tenants, we will develop a comprehensive tenant handbook outlining the following:

•         Building plans

•         Emergency contact information

•         Emergency action procedures

•         Role and responsibilities in emergency situations

•         Training plans and schedules

•         Fire prevention plans

Building Infrastructure

Over the course of time, every building needs reinvestment in its infrastructure. With proper preventative care, we seek to maximize equipment life and reduce capital costs, but we also strive to make capital investment, when required, as valuable as possible.  In addition to making certain that the equipment technology and specifications are correct for the building and use, each capital project is fully vetted from a financial perspective to maximize the investment and return for the property.  Federal, state and local grants are reviewed to offset costs, financing options are explored to conserve cash flow and global capital plans are reviewed to take advantage of economies of scale.   Outside of major building systems, BPG recognizes there are continual improvements that need to be undertaken to keep the building in top shape.  Preventative upkeep to common areas, painting and landscaping is planned at all of the buildings we manage to maximize the initial investment and extend the building’s life.


It is the opinion of BPG | 360 that good communication is the most important facet of quality property management. Our property managers are the key to this; engaging in daily communication with owners, valued tenants, contractors and team members to discuss building operations, client goals and issues, as well as other topics that may improve the client’s experience.BPG | 360 has empowered its staff to make rapid informed decisions pertaining to building expenses and operations to quickly remedy any building issues.


Sharply focused on technology, BPG | 360 utilizes multiple software platforms to improve communication and reporting.  For routine maintenance issues, BPG | 360 provides an online work order system through Workspeed.com for all property related maintenance requests.  This online platform, when paired with our 24- hour customer care line will dispatch building personnel to handle maintenance and building issues while providing real time status updates to our tenants. 

On the accounting side, we have partnered with MRI Real Estate Software.  The cloud based software handles all of our accounting and reporting needs for the property including monthly billing, tenant and lease databases as well as our monthly reporting capabilities.  Whether a standard reporting package is requested or customized ad hoc needs present themselves, MRI can provide us with the reporting requirements of the owners we represent.

From a capital and construction project perspective, we believe firmly in the Honest Buildings platform.  The project management software assists us from scope development to bid writing and leveling, contracting through schedule creation all the way through project completion.  Additionally, it allows us to compare and contrast like projects throughout our portfolio to create matrices that allow us to develop planning guidelines for future budgeting exercises.

All three technologies speak to each other giving us the ability to increase cash flow through more efficient operations, increased capture of tenant billings and more efficient project management.  All of these savings and efficiencies are passed onto the property.

Additional Services

Energy Retrofits 

The BPG | 360 team has extensive experience in undertaking comprehensive building retrofits aimed at making buildings more energy efficient and reducing operating expenses.  From installation of solar arrays to LED lighting conversions, data logging to complete HVAC system overhauls, no project is too large or small to review.  Key to any retrofit is maximizing efficient payback for the investment.  Investigation and strategic use of local, state and federal grants and loan programs has made every retrofit BPG/360 has undertaken in the past five years cash flow positive from day one.

IT Outsourcing

BPG | 360 offers an array of IT services for its owners and tenants offering a truly one stop shop for all office needs.  We have a passionate Technology Department that can offer solutions that not only drive innovation, but empower clients to disrupt their market.

BPG | 360 offers the following services and more:

  • Technical Project Management
  • IT Managed Services and Help Desk
  • Technology Assessments
  • Cloud Migrations
  • Cyber Security Training
  • Network and Infrastructure Services

Leasing Services

We have a strategic partnership with Virtus Realty Advisors, a full-service leasing company.  Through the partnership, we can provide owners a turnkey solution for all of their leasing needs including landlord and tenant representation, acquisition sourcing, disposition services, loan modification and advisory services. 

Utility Supply Acquisition

Deregulation of the utility markets has provided an opportunity to significantly reduce costs across our portfolio.  We have worked with consultants, suppliers and the utility companies to truly understand the energy markets and make sound decisions for each property we represent.  Whether it is locking in long term fixed pricing to eliminate variability in utility costs or riding the open markets to take advantage of every dollar of savings, we can custom cater an acquisition plan to meet each owner’s and tenant’s goals.

Bulk Buying

With more than six million feet under management, the size of BPG/360’s portfolio allows us to utilize scale to provide price savings through bulk buying supplies and consumables. Additionally, we can leverage relationships with key, strategic vendors and suppliers to bring not only cost savings, but preferred scheduling of projects and delivery of hard to find, last minute products.

HVAC Design and Installation Services

BPG | 360 saw a need to be able to provide customized HVAC services to both the owners and tenants we serve.  To that end, we created Air Management and Design to handle those needs.  A full-service HVAC company, we can handle any preventative maintenance, service, or repair work needed.  Additionally, their engineering services team can diagnose and repair any HVAC related issues  and design systems to meet any building or tenant  need.