BPG | 360 is a full-service real estate asset and property management company that strives to exceed the expectations of every tenant and owner they serve. The company actively manages more than six million square feet of commercial properties in the Maryland to Philadelphia office corridor, which includes properties both in The Buccini/Pollin Group’s portfolio as well as those controlled by third-party owners. BPG 360’s commercial operations team effectively touches every aspect of property management. With a 25 year history of managing commercial, hotel, retail and residential properties,  every member brings their own experience and ideas to the table to provide an exceptional business model. BPG 360 is all about providing best in class customer service to the owners we represent, the tenants we serve, the vendor partnerships we culture and the fellow associates we work with every day.

BPG | 360 boasts one of the east coast’s deepest benches of professionals with a very broad talent base of real estate and mechanical backgrounds. Our core team experience includes master electricians and plumbers, crafted painters, HVAC engineers, and landscapers along with experienced property managers, tax and financial analysts, construction managers and law enforcement personnel. It brings together top executives with experiences from the nation’s leading real estate companies. This team marries their institutional backgrounds with a very entrepreneurial and pro-active tenant-focused platform.

The team maximizes the value of its assets with a hands-on, progressive management approach, enhancing financial performance through increased operating efficiency, asset repositioning, and rehabilitation strategies. The BPG 360 team carefully designs custom strategic plans to meet the challenges and opportunities faced by each specific property while optimizing value and performance based on the owner’s specific goals.

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